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    The Journey Continues

    February 23, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (1 Month Ago,it starts with Me going to the loud house)'s been 1 month and i miss going to this beautiful house!

    (I knock on the door and Lori opens the door)

    Lori:Oh hey Benny it's been 1 month we all miss you

    Me:I know Lori but is Lincoln There?

    Lori:Yeah he's playing video games

    Me:Oh ok

    Lori:Wanna Join him?

    Me:I sure do!

    (I go to Lincoln Playing video games)

    Me:Hi Linc

    Lincoln:Sup Benny don't have time to talk to you right now i'm beating the omega

    Me:Oh Ok i already beated that guy...

    (Lincoln beats The Omega)

    Lincoln:YES I WON!

    Me:Well Congrats Buddy for winning

    Lincoln:Welcome bro! 

    Me:By the way wanna go to the Mall?

    Lincoln:Well sure Benny!

    Me:Well why does your house look it supposed to be the Loud House?

    Lincoln:It is quiet b…

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    Loud Journey Season 2?

    February 22, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    Hey Guys Benny Here today we're talking about Loud Journey Season 2 since Season 1 ended as a cliffhanger we talked about continuing the cliffhanger but Benny is still the main star and episodes will now take days to finish no more marvel or dc or transformers crossovers this will take place after Loud House The Movie And this will be the best season with more adventures and Journeys 

    Loud Journey:Coming in 2019

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    The Last Journey

    January 25, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts with us at the Temple)

    Me:Guys Everything that happend since Days we will continue our journey next week

    Lincoln:I know Benny this is it....

    (New Faces Come out)

    Lina:Where am i?

    Me:You're in our universe


    Lisa:According to the portal New faces will surely come out and there is 10% they have there own time machine but it got lost 


    Lincoln:This is gonna be a Time Trouble

    Luan:(Laughs) Lincoln gets it! (Laughs)


    Luna:Bro why does the girl look like Lincoln and Sam Mixed?

    Lina:Because I'm Lincoln and Lina's Son Lina

    (Luna Looks at Lincoln Angrily)

    Luna:You're not cool bruh


    Nathan:We got our time machine from Aunt Lisa

    (Lisa gets awkward)

    Lisa:I shouldn't believe that

    (Cuts To Us At T…

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    Game On!

    January 24, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (Cuts to us at Gamestop)

    Me:So Cattalus wanna get Big Chungus?


    Me:I'm getting Big Chungus and Spider-Man Ps4

    Cattalus:I'm just getting Big Chungus

    Me:Ok Since Mom and Dad gave us Enough Money we're sold!

    (Cuts to Us at The Counter)

    Cashier:That will be 20 Dollars


    (Cuts To Us At Home)

    Me:Well Ready to play?

    Cattalus:Yeah....I'm always Ready!

    (We Play Big Chungus)

    Me:Ok Press Start!

    (We Press Start)

    Me:Gamers Assemble!

    (We Jump to The Chungus Void)

    Me:best game ever!

    Cattalus:The Graphics are so Smooth and Aweseome!

    Me:And the CGI

    (We Defeat The 1st Boss)

    Me:Aweseome! We defeated our 1st boss!

    (We Go To Thanos The Mad Titan and Talk To Him)

    Me:Are we gonna be friends with Thanos?

    Cattalus:I think so?

    (Thanos Punches Big Chungus)

    Me:That hur…

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    Pogs Town

    January 24, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts with us Playing Pogs)

    Me:Ok this better be my win!

    (I hit the pogs)


    Chris:Benny i always think you're always cheating

    Me:You're saying that because your jealous of my XM Studios Megatron and My Custom Bumblebee Movie Shockwave

    Chris:I know.....I'm jealous of your mold and your Bumblebee Movie Pogs!

    Me:And my custom Bumblebee Movie Ratchet


    (Cuts To Us at the Loud House)

    Leni:Pog pog pog pog!

    Me:What pogs Leni? (Shows my Batman Pog) this pog?

    Leni:No it's a drink

    Me:Yeah and there is one that is a gambling toy


    (Chris Goes Downstairs)

    Me:Hey Chris....


    Me:What happend?

    Chris:I lost my pogs


    Chris:A Teenager who's taller than me

    Me:Well let's find it!

    Lincoln:But guys this Town is full of Pogs Peo…

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    Luna's Concert

    January 5, 2019 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts With us at Luna and Luan's Room)

    Me:Luna why did you bring us here?

    Chris:Yeah i was in the middle of playing sword fights with Benny

    Luna:Because We're going to a concert!

    Me:We're going to the beatles?


    Jonas:We're going to the backstreet boys!


    May:YMCA Concert


    May:Then what is it?

    Luna:We're going to a SMOOCH concert!

    Jared:a SMOOCH Concert?

    Luna:Yeah A SMOOCH Concert!

    (Jared Kisses Skyle)

    Skyle:Get Away from me!

    (Skyle gets away from Jared)

    Cattalus:You dudes really blush!


    (Skyle Punches Jared)

    Skyle:That's for kissing me!

    Jared:What's so bad about that?

    Skyle:Cause your covered in dirt!


    Skyle:Apology accepted

    (Cuts to Us at The Waiting Line)

    Me:This is like gonna take an Hour!


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    (It starts with All of us at Target)

    Me:Hey Guys So It's 2019 and We're gonna go toy hunting!

    Lori:We can't play toys Anymore Benny we're too old for toys

    Leni:Yeah i remember getting my dolls getting ripped apart at the head

    Luna:And the Radio was too quiet i hate it!

    Luan:And The Slappy Toy creeps me out i instead buyed Mr.Coconuts

    Lynn:I remember getting a tennis toy and it hit my eyes out

    Me:Well....Guys Let's go home!

    Lincoln:NOOOOO! I want to get Ace Savvy Figures!

    Me:Ok! Let's Get Figures!

    Lisa:Apparently it will be nice to get science figures By the way

    Lana:I will get a robot puppy

    Lola:A new tea toy

    Lucy:And Creepy Figures!

    Lori:Fine...Since i'm the oldest I agree with Lisa,Lana,Lola,Lucy

    (Leni,Luna,Luan,Lynn argues to Lori)


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    Studio Fun

    December 30, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with All of us at Vanzilla)

    Me(Talking to The Viewers):Hey Guys And Today We're going to a studio and it's gonna be aweseome

    Lincoln(Talking To The Viewers):Yeah And It's Marvel Studios!

    Me(Talking to The Viewers):We hope you'll be there also!

    Rita:So Kids What Studio will you choose? Anyone for marvel studios?

    (We all raise our hands to Marvel Studios)

    Rita:Ok Marvel Studios it is!

    Luna:I wish to go to a concert!

    Lynn Sr.:Don't choose what you love Luna! Lincoln And Benny chose it!

    Luna:Fine.....Those two imbeciles!

    Cattalus:What did you say?

    Luna:Two imbeciles!

    Cattalus:Say that to them and i'm gonna knock you out!

    Luna:Ok sorry....


    (Cuts to Us in California)

    Lori:This is Literally Great!

    (Lori takes a selfie on the bridge of…

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    What's The Difference?

    December 29, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with Us at Lori and Leni's Room)

    Lori:So guys we all know we're talking about our differences i made this sibling meeting to tell our differences

    Lana:The differences between us and Lola is that i'm a fixer and mud inspector while she is a gal who likes to win peagentS.....easy

    (Lana is about to Leave and Lola blocks the door)

    Lola:You're not going anywhere miss!

    Lana:Why?.....Because i told the truth!

    Lola:Yes......So i think i will go tell you to Mom and Dad! this case Our differences between Cattalus and Me are.......I like toys and Video games and she likes mobile games and Netflix

    Cattalus:My Bro is correct....That is how we settle our differences

    (They all look at us)


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    December 13, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with me going inside the school)

    Me:This Looks nice.....

    Jared:I know Benny!

    (I bumped over 4 boys)


    Zach:Watch We're you're going next time

    Rusty:I know

    Cattalus:Don't you make me let beat you up


    Clyde:My Pleasures!......You are the dude who wants to visit Lincoln Right?

    Cattalus:Clyde? Is your brother in here?

    Clyde:Yes you could find him in Grade 5


    Rusty:Are you a thief?

    Zach:Or a Kidnapper

    Liam:A Animalnapper!

    Me:No I met Lincoln at the gas station and My Family and His Family met

    Rusty:Tuff.....I met Lincoln when i saw his cool bike

    Liam:I met him when we were Grade 2

    Zach:I met him When i bumped over him

    Me:Wow you three could have some Lincmeetings over here!

    (Bell Rings)

    Me:I think it's time to go t…

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    (2 Years Later)

    Lincoln:This is getting out of hand...

    Me:Yeah and We've defeated many villains

    (A Portal Comes in)

    Cattalus:What is that?

    Lina:Lincoln Loud.....We've need you

    Lincoln:Why? Who's with you

    Linka (13 Years Old):It's been 2 Years


    Me:It's a Multiverse

    Loud House:Multiverse

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    Hey Guys Benny Here and We're talking about A new Movie called Loud House:Multiverse and it will feature the characters from the reboot And Horny Will Return....That guy is just cool and New Villains Like Evan and Kang The Conquerer This is gonna take place before Forgotten And I think Benny's Parents will die and Lynn Sr. And Rita....The Siblings Lori,Luan,Lynn,Lola Will Survive And Skyle,May,Jonas,Jared,Cattalus,Matt will survive surely and This is a prequel so we will surely see Multiverse versions of our characters Lina will appear in the Mid-Credits And This will surely be A Prequel because people thought Origins and A New School is a Reboot No it will Start a new series but it's still connected to the Movie Universe Worthless is the …

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    A New School

    December 8, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts with All of us in Lori and Leni's Bedroom)

    Lori:Ok Listen up!....We've got some new dudes here

    Luna:Yeah Yeah.....We know

    Cattalus:This sibling meeting is like game of thrones

    Lincoln:You play game of thrones?

    Cattalus:Yeah who dosen't?

    Me:By the way how did Chris got here?

    Chris:Well Benny this is a long me and skyle are hanging out with May's new car


    Chris:We got here and introduce ourselves

    Me:Where's Skyle and May?

    Chris:They're with Jonas and Jared

    Me:Thanks for the information bro!

    Lana:I mean this is like getting a new pet

    Lola:He's a Human not a pet!

    Lana:Yeah and i think about it when we have new friends

    Lynn:Yeah I'm excited for Me and Cattalus Football Match!

    Lisa:Are you all sure?


    All of Them:We are …

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    December 1, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts with Me sitting in the chair and zooms to me)

    Me(talking to the audience):Oh Hey Guys! My Name is Benny Mike and I am here with Cattalus my Brother!

    (Zooms to Cattalus)

    Cattalus(Talking to The Audience):What The?.....Benny get that camera outta me


    (Zooms To Me)

    Me(talking to the audience):Well my parents are there with their friends talking

    (Zooms to my Parents)

    Mrs.Mike:Hey Girl Wanna go to the store when we leave at the beach?

    Kate:Nah....I'm okay

    Mr.Mike:So you're a hunk?


    (Zooms to Me)

    Me:Those are my Parents!

    Mrs.Mike:Kids Let's go home!

    Me:Ok Mom (Talks to the Audience) I will show you my toys!

    (Cuts To Me at the Room)

    Me:Ok Here's my figures!

    (I show the audience my Darth Vader Toy)

    Me(Talking to The Audience):This is my…

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    Reboot Time!

    December 1, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    Hey Bros today we're gonna reboot Loud Journey Some Characters were removed! And Sorry for the long break i was tired of making so i made a hiatus break here are the reboot characters!








    8.Chris (My Friend From High School,Who will be wearing a Black Hoodie,Dark Jeans and White Shoes)









    17. Matt Mcbride (Clyde's Cousin)

    Ok There are the characters in the reboot!

    First episode wil Be Origins!

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    Hey guys Benny here i'm back with another talk and today we'll talk about What is Loud Journey? Loud Journey is a Americian/Africian Fanfic Series by Benny Richard Mike and Lawrence Sanxer Diago And Bella Andrew Mike Loud Journey was Teased in Drive-Thru 2007 (Loud House Edition) The Sequel and we added a lot of characters just for Everything we removed all the adults and We make our movies short cause of some purposes Phil And Susie we're Benny's friends in 2001 and was born in 1994 After they're Friendship Broken Benny Made them in Loud Journey Style imagining what they will look like if they meet the Loud Family well that's it bye

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    October 13, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12


    (Lincoln Wakes up)


    (I Wake Up)

    Me:Lincoln Why are you screaming?



    Lincoln:I Had a dream!

    (Chloe Wakes up)

    Chloe:Come on Lincoln it's just a dream!

    Clout Lori:Chloe's right Lincoln it's just a dream! It's still 8:30 pm and you aren't still asleep!

    Lincoln:But! I'm too scared to go to sleep! Some monsters coming and horny coming back or.......I WILL BE POSSESSED!

    Tom:but you can't possess something twice!

    Me:You're Possessed?



    (I Sleep Again)

    Clout Lori:Ok Lincoln i will get you some water to make you feel better!

    Lincoln:Thanks Lori I Mean.....Clout Lori

    Clout Lori:it's okay for calling me Lori just call me it it's too cool


    (Clout Lor…

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    Hey guys Benny here today we have some news for you! Forgotten is Coming Tomorrow in your souls be sure to read it or you're souls are dead well Benny's gonna have a major role here! And a Prequel is coming in March 2019 stay tuned here is the footage

    (Lincoln wakes up)



    Lincoln:I had a dream!

    Chloe:Come on Lincoln it's just a dream!

    Clout Lori:Chloe's Right Lincoln it's just a dream! It's still 8:30 pm and you aren't still asleep!

    Lincoln:But I'm too scared to go to sleep! Some monsters coming and horny coming back?

    Tom:But you can't possess something twice!

    Me:You're possessed?



    (I Sleep Again)

    Forgotten:Coming Tomorrow

    (Horny's Mask is Shown)

    Archie:it's time!


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    Hey guys today I'm gonna change benny's look since it looks like tord so i will change the pants and shirt and hair i will change the headphones to a Cyber Headphones and he will have a red jack o lantern face black hoodie and jeans that's it Forgotten is coming out in 2 days but......will Laney return in It? Find out watching it

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    Hey guys benny here! Today we are talking about the characters in Forgotten i changed the release date to october,26,2018 here are the characters!

    Clout Lori

    Evil Dead Leni(Makeup)


    90s Luan





    Mary Sue Lynn




    Girl Jordan



    Lonnie(80s Lincoln)




    Rowdyruff boys

    90s Maggie

    Lina Loud


    Lana(8 years old)

    Lola(Casual Outfit)



    Ronnie Anne(Party Outfit)









    Future Tom

    Simon Sharp

    Susie Mike


    Michael Myers


    Jason Vorhees

    Freddy Krueger



    Horny The Clown(Post Credit Scene returning as a burned)


    Some Dude:What about Laney?

    Me:Oh yeah laney....i added her but why she wasn't added in the end?...She died! By the hands of Thanos and that's why …

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    (It starts with the time travel device starting)

    Me:Hey guys i gotta wear my bag!

    (I wear my bag and hear a time travel device sound)

    Me:What the?

    Lincoln:Benny what is that?

    Me:it's my time travel device i think?

    (A portal comes out)

    Lina:Hello People!

    (Venom comes out too)



    Venom:I will help you!

    Lisa:Ok! But time to go to the haunted house!

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    (It starts with me fixing the camera)

    Lola(Casual Outfit):Hurry up Benny! Make us famous!

    Me:Ok it's almost done!

    (I finished fixing the camera)

    Me:it's fixed

    All of them:HORRRAY!

    Me:Hey guys benny here! Today we're gonna react to Eddsworld! Tom told us to watch his friends show let's start with the intro!

    Eddreaction number 1:

    Eddsworld! Eddsworld!


    Sorry,whose world is it?

    Leni:it's eddsworld singer!


    Leni:Thanks for listening!

    With Tom:Blue Hoodie.Both angry and rude

    Tom:That's Me! (Rasberries)

    Maybe it's his smarts, Maybe it's the tude?

    Lisa:Forgive Tom! Science

    One thing's for certain,he dosen't make sense.

    Luna:Ok bruh!

    Half the time,it's gibberish,the other's half ingooblybench!

    Clout Lori:Literally!



    And Matt: Pu…

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    School Days

    September 26, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with all of us going to school)

    Me:Well i just weared my white nike shoes I'm okay with my new LOOOK!

    Clout Lori:Well Benny your new look is amazing like girl jordan and Lincoln!

    Lincoln:i know i weared a orange hoodie and same pants and red and white nike shoes!

    Clout Lori:ok we'll see you guys! Bye

    All of us:BYE!

    (Cuts to us in the hallway)

    Lincoln:Since we're in school shouldn't we be worried about them turning to dust?

    Me:i know but what if Mr.Lee got dusted?

    Luna:Yeah bruh

    Sam:i agree with benny

    Paige:Good to me!

    Girl Jordan:I know

    Luan(90s):a "school day" (laughs) get it? But seriously? Let's find it out

    Zach:i know

    (We all agrue)

    Me:OK STOP!

    (We stop arguing)

    Lana(8 years old):What is it Benny?

    Me:what about we go to our classroom and find …

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    Hey guys do you know i'm not focusing on benny that much but there is a new look for benny not the one in Endgame Post credits scene And there is a new look for him so This is his new Look i will say it! Benny will have red hoodie,black trousers,brown hair he's going to wear them in my fanfic the next fanfic will come out now 

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    (It starts in the house)

    Lincoln:Ok guys i've weared my orange hoodie again and i'm really excited for our trip to go to THE HAUNTED HOUSE!

    Me:We Know Lincoln but not that much cause it's too scary to get there!

    (Cuts To Me changing my clothes to a black shirt,blue pants,blue shoes)

    Me:i think this is our final journey!

    Lincoln:I think?

    (Cuts to all of us going downstairs)

    Lincoln:Are we ready gang?

    Tom:Ready (rasberries)


    Lincoln:Ok let's go!

    (We all got out and close the door)

    Chucky:Oh it's coming!

    (Post Credit Ends)

    I forgot about this because i was busy on Loud SquarePants which is the upcoming fanfic movie of all time i don't have time to make fanfics and Loud Youtube Channel i will make 2 of them tomorrow

    -Benny Mike ;)

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    Hey guys benny here today we are discussing about Who will be in forgotten we know the characters that survived endgame are gonna be here i'm gonna finish it till January,1,2019 and show a early release of Forgotten and i just graduated on university that means i will still make Louds Youtube Channel and Fanfics don't worry i'm still working on it i just have depression but my dad is cured so thanks guys ok let's get started!

    1.Michael Myers

    2.Freddy Krueger

    3.Jason Voorhees

    I know that freddy and jason are gonna fight but this takes place before Freddy vs jason so don't be angry about this



    Welp that's all for now but i don't think Horny will return since his face is burned but he will be on a post credit scene i think? Bel…

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    Loud House:Endgame

    September 11, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with the same intro but the title is Loud Stud11os)

    A ChuckyGaming12 Production

    Verse 1:🎵What's Left to say these prayers ain't working anymore🎵

    Producer:Bella Rewl

    Verse 2:🎵Every Word Shot down in flames🎵

    Director:Benny Mike

    Verse 3🎵:What's Left to do with these broken pieces on the floor?🎵

    Writer:Lawrence Diago

    Verse 4:🎵Cause I've been shaking I've been bending backwards till I'm broke Watching all these dreams go up in smoke🎵

    A Time Travel Film

    Verse 5:🎵Let beauty come out of ashes Let beauty come out of ashes and when i pray to god all i ask is can beauty come out ashes🎵

    Loud House:Endgame

    Verse 6:(Silence)🎵Let.....Beauty.....Come.......Out......Of.......Ashes.....🎵

    (It starts with a portal coming to a planet called titan and Thanos come…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Hey guys benny here back with another news and today it's loud house:endgame it will finally be out tomorrow i think it's longer than some of my other ones but i'm gonna put new characters in this movie they are gonna replace the characters from the last one so i think this is going to be aweseome i think Rita's Ghost is gonna be in Lincoln's Dream cause he loves his mother so i think this is going to have much potential that the end credit scene is ???? But there are predictions some of the avengers are gonna be in this movie but no Venom will escape in the opening scene cause this is where it takes place I'm gonna show you a behind the story of Loud House:Endgame

    Me:Hey guys today i'm gonna show you a story of how i make my loud house mov…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Hey guys Benny here with another news and today this is sad news Loud House:Endgame has been delayed since i have been in Australia and i'm gonna come back in 2nd Monday so stay tuned but Forgotten is gonna be featured in a ?? Stay tuned ;)

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Hey guys Benny Back here with another news! Sorry for the long break i was studying for my exams and today we are discussing about Loud House:EndGame! And my friend said why i don't do it anymore i replied i will do it but not this time i have studies i think saturday i will do it! He replied ok thanks! Your the best and Loud House:EndGame isn't cancelled and Loud house youtube and Fanfics will be continued in September 20 since i have exams And sad news my father has Cancer and he's at the hospital i will do Loud House:EndGame just for his memories and there are some questions?

    Question 1:Why isn't Maggie/90's Maggie in Infinity war?

    Anwser:she is in it but dosen't have lines but in endgame she will have one

    Question 2:Who Will Die?


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  • ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with a silent loud house intro after the intro we see the loud house logo turning to dust)

    Warning:This may contain Gore,Violence,Deaths

    A ChuckyGaming12 Production

    Producer:Bella Rewl

    Director:Benny Mike

    (It starts with a a story of Thanos)

    Narrator:A Long Time Ago A Mad Titan Thanos Destroyed the World

    (The Book Shows Thanos Destroying Saturn)

    Narrator:But The Avengers And Guardians Came to Fight The Mad titan Himself Thanos

    (The book Shows Avengers And Guardians Running)

    Narrator:But the Avengers And Guardian Couldn't Defeat Thanos Himself Because He has A Weapon Called Infinity Gauntlet

    (It shows the Infinity Gauntlet with Six Stones)

    Narrator:And Six Stones Called Power Stone

    (It shows Power Stone)

    Narrator:Space Stone

    (It shows Space Sto…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Hey Guys Benny back! Here with another Annoucement and This is the Loud House Infinity War Characters Featuring Some Other Characters From Other Shows The Survivors From Drive-Thru 2007 (Loud House Edition) will be Included and my friends will be included Here it is!

    Clout Lori







    90s Luan

    80s Lynn


    Lonnie(80s Lincoln)

    Ronnie Anne


    Girl Jordan (New Look But Outfit is the original one)


    Lola(8 years old)


    90s Darcy

    Lisa (11 years old)




    Rowdyruff boys


    90s Maggie







    Black Order

    Kid Wolverine



    Mrs.Carmichael(On Missing Poster)

    Gabby(Background Character)

    Lynn Sr(Opening Scene)


    Ok Guys I'm Done for the Fanfic But I'm Gonna Finish The font here…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Warning:This contains Swearing,Killing,Gore,Adult Humor Content You have been warned

    (It starts with a flashing tv screen)

    (And it goes normal with a news)

    Reporter:Hello this is the news reporter i'm Austin and this is James

    (Cuts to James on Hellaburger)

    James:Hello Austin today we're discussing about this fast food named hellaburger this restaurant had killed thousands of people and kids and we found some bodies on this Fast Food

    (The Camera Shows Lori,Luan,Lola,Lynn)

    James:This kids were murdered by a clown named horny the clown and there we're never mysteries who are their parents back to you austin

    (Cuts to Austin)

    Austin:thanks james if someone found who are the parents of this kids please contact us 123-789-345

    (Cuts to the Loud Family watch…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    New Fanfic Ideas

    August 15, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    Hey guys Benny here today I'm gonna make fanfic ideas and i will still make louds youtube fanfics and others and guys here is the fanfic ideas

    A New House-Since David Cannot get the genderbent louds to their dimension lisa buys them a new home

    Sleepover-Since Lincoln's Friends,Love interests Houses got destroyed they get to have a sleepover for 90 days

    Road Trip-The loud family goes to a road trip but it goes worst

    New Dudes-Since New boys come to royal woods benny comes to befriend them

    Friendzy 2 ft.Enderdudegaming1-when the party got worst they find a way to get them back

    Infinity Gauntlet?-when a infinity gauntlet goes to the loud house thanos comes to get it

    New Lori,New Lola,New Luan,New Lynn-After the Massacare at Hellaburger they make new…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Deleted Scene 1:


    (Lincoln Notices Lily Crying)

    Lincoln:Why Lily?

    Lily:Glori! Gola! Guan!

    Lincoln:It's okay Lily There Helping Us! From That clown

    (Lincoln Hugs Lily)


    Reason:I Deleted This Scene Because of Fanfic Consuming But I Think I'm Gonna Add it in part 2

    Deleted Scene 2:


    Lana:Wait i got a grenade

    Lincoln:Where did you get it? Are you on drugs?

    Lana:nah i got it from that clown

    Lynn Sr:Wait A grenade! Lana loud how did you get it?

    Lana:easy when you were saying we want some 10 cheeseburgers,10 sodas,1 fries i saw a grenade and i took it

    Lynn Sr:well you are really a great girl Lana!

    Lana:Thanks dad!

    Reason:i deleted it cause of lynn sr calling lana loud cause it looks like he's going to ground him

    Deleted …

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts With Vanzilla Driving To U.S.A)

    Lori:Dad Why Are we literally going to U.S.A?

    Lynn Sr:Lori.Lori..Lori We're Going To u.s.a because We're Gonna Try Out some foods in here!

    Me:Thanks for inviting me Lincoln i would be paranoid without you

    Lincoln:No problem benny 

    (Cuts To Luna And Sam listening to Music with headsets)


    (Cuts to Luan reading a funny book)

    Luan:Good One!

    (Cuts to me playing fortnite on my phone)

    Me:Come on! Benny FEEL BAD!

    Lynn Sr:Well We're 50 Miles!

    Loud Family(sans Lynn.Sr):NOOOOOOOOO!

    Leni:I'm Excited to go to church

    Lisa:It's America not church

    (Cuts To Lana and Lola arguing)



    Lana:Oh It's on (clunches her fist)

    (Lana and Lola Are S…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    Me:Hey Guys Benny Here! Today We're Gonna Play Fortnite! Yes And Today i'll Show You My Character!

    (I Show My Computer My Skin is Skull Trooper)

    Me:Well you know how i got skull trooper right? First I buyed v-bucks with money Next Video Will Be All of Us Playing Fnaf So Let's Get Started!

    (I click play and loads)

    Me:Ok Guys i'm gonna cut this clip first!

    (Cuts to me waiting for a match)

    Me:Oh yeah This is Gonna be gruesome! With THANOS!

    (Cuts To the battle bus)

    Me:Well We're in the Battle Bus And I'm Gonna Jump in 3....2.....1..... GO!

    (I Jump in the battle bus and falls)

    Me:THIS IS THE BEST GAME! EVER!'s worse when it haves updates!

    (Cuts to me in the wooden house)

    Me:Well Let's Destroy This wooden house

    (Cuts to a montage of me destroyin…

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  • ChuckyGaming12

    (It Starts With Me Fixing The Camera)

    Me(fixing the camera):This Thing's Really Hard!

    Luna:Hurry up Dude We Wanna Be Famous!

    Me(Fixing the camera):Ok It's About To Get Fixed

    Leni:I'm Really Excited To Try A Mera!

    Lola:Leni It's A Ca-me-ra

    Leni:Ok! Ca-re-ma

    (Lola Groans)

    Me:Ok It's Now Fixed

    (The Siblings Cheer)


    (Just Then The Others Come in)

    Zach:Hey Guys!

    Ronnie Anne:What Are You Doing?

    Lincoln:Making A Channel Wanna Do One?

    Clyde:Aweseome I Wanna Be There Too!

    Stella:Me Too

    (They Run To Us)

    Loki:So Will it now start?

    Me:Just A Minute


    (I Start The Camera)

    Me:Hey Guys Benny Here! So We Have A Youtube Channel Now! And We Have Some Reactions,Games,in Real Life Videos To Make! And Pranks!

    Lincoln:Yeah And If You Want To Subscribe P…

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  • ChuckyGaming12


    July 28, 2018 by ChuckyGaming12

    (It starts with Lincoln Watching T.V And Lori Comes in)

    Lori:Hey Twerp Get Out

    Lincoln:But I Was Here First!

    Lori:Shut it Twerp! I'm The Oldest Or I WILL TURN YOU INTO A HUMAN PRETZEL!

    Lincoln:Ugh Fine!

    (Cuts To Lincoln in His Bedroom Reading Comics in His Underwear)

    Lincoln(To the viewers):Ahhhh not like reading comics with a underwear!

    (Lola Comes in)

    Lola:Hey Lincoln Could You Help (Shocked)

    Lincoln:What is it Lola? (Notices Lola Shocked) Why Are You Shocked?


    Lincoln:Wait No!

    (Lola Just Walks Away)

    Lincoln:Grrrrrrrr Ahhhhhh

    (Lola Sees Lincoln Angry)

    Lola:Lincoln Calm Down!

    Lincoln:I WILL NOT!

    (Lincoln Punches Lola)

    Lola:Ouch My Face! My beautiful Face!

    Lincoln:That's What You Get!

    (Lincoln Kicks…

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  • Ethanimation

    Emoji 4

    January 31, 2018 by Ethanimation


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  • Ethanimation

    Emojis 3

    September 20, 2017 by Ethanimation


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  • Ethanimation

    Your animation

    June 30, 2017 by Ethanimation

    Your music is a great idea to be able and music score on your phone 📱

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  • Ethanimation

    Fantasia 2000

    May 15, 2017 by Ethanimation

    Fantasia 2000 is a 1999 American animated film by Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Pictures, and released by Buena Vista Pictures. Produced by Roy E. Disney and Donald W. Ernst, it is the 38th Disney animated feature film and the sequel to Fantasia (1940). Like its predecessor, Fantasia 2000 consists of animated segments set to pieces of classical music. Celebrities including Steve Martin, Itzhak Perlman, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, James Earl Jones, Penn & Teller, and Angela Lansbury introduce each segment in live action scenes directed by Don Hahn.

    After numerous unsuccessful attempts to develop a Fantasia sequel, the Walt Disney Company revived the idea shortly after Michael Eisner became chief executive officer in 1984. The…

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  • Ethanimation

    My Story

    May 9, 2017 by Ethanimation

    In Canada They have Animation in there. Animation has been 100 years ago. I was 4 years old my friend from pre-school Chase me to the bathroom. I say "Look at me I am a Kid! You wanted or not!"

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  • Ethanimation

    In 2013 I'm a Animator of Cartoons made in Flash Animation!

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  • Dylanthefirepup
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