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(This is a sequel to Really Loud Music. It begins in the Loud House, in Luna's room, Luna and Sam are playing guitars and preforming a song together.)

Luna: (singing) This is our life. This is our time. And there is no one who will take it from us.

Sam: (singing) Through the fire, and through the ice, I know that there is no trouble we can cause.

Luna and Sam: (singing) Cause we love each other, and nothing or no one will break that up.

We are proud to loud together! Yes, we are proud to be loud together!

Luna: I have you!

Sam: And I have you!

Both: We both have each other and we're proud to be loud to-gee-ther! (song ends)

Luna: (high five Sam) Nice work Sam!

Sam: Thanks Luna. You too. (thought of something) We should show that song to the rest of Michigan. Well, that is until we come up with a second verse.

Luna: Well, if we're going to show it to the world, We surely can't do it on America's Next Hitmaker. That show almost changed my life.

Sam: (just realized) Hey, Wait! I saw some ad on my computer and I think this could be our ticket to the history of music.

(Sam opens up her computer and clicks on the ad. A video is being played and the video starts with a poster that say's Michigan's Got Talent. Then, a man with a black tux and black hair with a tuft combed upwards shows up in front of the poster.)

Michael Song: Hello there! The names Michael Song, and I'm the host and producer of Michigan's Got Talent.

Luna: Michigan's Got Talent? I hope it's better then America's Next Hitmaker.

Sam: Shhhh.

Luna: Sorry.

Michael Song: Here's how this entering the show thing works: If you submit you song to the show, then you get to preform in front of millions of people and on live TV on a water stage here in Bay City, Michigan.

Luna: Whoa! Bay City?!

Sam: And on a water stage?! That is so rad!

Michael Song: And if your song wins the contest, you get to become Talent artist of the year! So, don't be America's Next Hitmaker, and instead be a person with your own music talent! Upload your song now and show the world your true music talent! (video ends)

Sam: (to Luna) So, what do you think? Should we do it?

Luna: Well, I don't know. I mean, it does sound rad, but what if we mess up?

Sam: Oh, come on Luna. Give it a try. I trust this guy. And do you trust him?

Luna: (still confuse) Well, maybe.

Sam: Well, do you trust me?

(Luna thought about that and finally made her choice.)

Luna: Okay, let's do it!

Sam: That's the spirit!

(Luna and Sam uploads and submits their song and quickly gets contact back on the computer.)

Michael Song: (on computer) Congratulations! You've just got your chance to share your talent on Michigan's Got Talent! Be sure to get ready for tomorrow, because your ride will be there to pick you up and bring to the show which will be showed to everyone tomorrow night!

(Luna And Sam screams in excitement.)

Sam: We did it! We're gonna preform our song on Michigan's Got Talent!

(The rest of the Loud family quickly runs in Luna's room.)

Lynn Sr.: What's going on in here? We heard a lot of screaming!

Luna: Guys, guess what! Sam and I submitted our song to Michigan's Got Talent and we're in the show!

Sam: We're gonna get to preform on a water stage in Bay City!

(Luna's siblings and parents rush over and hugs her cheering for her success.)

Rita: (with tears in her eyes) Oh Honey, we're so proud of you!

Luna: Thanks, you guys.

Lincoln: When will you get preforming there anyway?

Luna: Tomorrow. Sam and I are getting picked up, so we can practice our song for tomorrow night.

Lynn Jr.: (jumps in front of Luna and Sam) Alright! Wait to go! Up top! (lifts her arm up for a high five and Luna and Sam high fives Lynn.)

The Next Day

(Luna waits at the door for her ride. When the taxi arrives, Luna gives her family one last hug.)

Leni: Good luck Luna. We'll see you on the square box in our living room. (she's talking about the TV)

Lynn Sr.: Have a good time Sweetie.

Luna: Thanks dudes. I'll see you all tomorrow! (leaving to her taxi)

(Luna enters the taxi and the taxi drives off. The taxi stops next to the Sharp's house. Sam steps out and says goodbye to her mom.)

Sam: Bye Mom. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you! (closes the door and enters the taxi)

Luna: Hey Sam.

Sam: Hi Luna. Are you excited?

Luna: Super excited! I'm so excited... I... I don't know where to begin!

(Some rock pop music plays in the background and Luna starts to sing.)

Luna: (singing) I'm so excited. So shake it out. Start expressing it by the power of song.

Luna and Sam: (singing) We're so excited. So shake it out. Start expressing it by the power of song.

Sam: (singing) The next stop to our fame will be here.

Luna: (singing) So, tell all the people in Michigan that we're gonna be there for them to see.

Sam: (singing) And please don't miss the show we're on tonight.

Luna and Sam: (Singing) Because if you miss it, I'll feel sorry for. Yeah, sorry for yoooou.

(The taxi arrives in Bay City, Michigan and Luna And Sam continues to finish their song.)

Luna and Sam: (singing) We're so excited. So shake it out.

Start expressing it by the power of. The power of.

The power of song. (song ends)

Taxi driver: Here we are kids. Bay City. Everyone out.

(Luna and Sam exits the taxi with their guitars and see's the Michigan's Got Talent water stage in the Bay.)

Sam: Well, this is it.

Luna: Yep! Let's go on. Shall we?

(Luna and Sam holds hands and walks on to the stage and is being welcome by two of the competitors, Jasmine and Jerry.)

Jasmine: Hi there! My name is Jasmine and I'm one of the competitors. You must be Luna Loud and Sam Sharp. I heard your song. You guys did great!

Luna: (falter) Well, thanks. Normally, not a lot of our competitors complicated our songs before.

Jasmine: So, you guys are Rock n' Roll, huh? Good choice. I got in for preforming a inspiring and catchy pop song.

Sam: Well, congratulations to you too.

Jerry: (politely) Hope you ladies accept my congratulations to you girls too. I'm Jerry by the way. I got in for preforming a song with the best ladies magnet voice. (winks at them)

Jasmine: (whispers to Luna and Sam) I have to say. He is kinda cute.

Jerry: Thank you. I get that alot.

Bella: (mean) Oh, Fat chance that your songs are better than mine. (shows up) Cause it'll be me who will beat you losers!

Luna: And may I ask who you are?

Bella: The names Bella 'Shreds for Clothes'. And I got in for preforming a slow jam, which is way better then any of your songs.

Luna: Yikes. Well, at lease you two don't complain about who's song is better and who will win. (perfuring to Jasmine and Jerry)

Jasmine: Oh, I don't care about winning. I just wanted to show my talent.

Off-screen Voice: And that is what this show's all about!

(Enter Michael Song.)

Michael Song: (happy) Hey there. You two must be Luna Loud and Sam Sharp. Welcome to the show.

Sam: (excited) Thank you Mr. Song. And again, thanks for having us on your show, Michigan's Got Talent.

Michael Song: Hey, your two are welcome. (holds out two fingers) Twice! (laughs for a bit) Okay! Everyone, gather around. Now that you are all here, I am frilled to see you all preform you very own songs in front everyone on Michigan's Got Talent. Now, first things first. Let's get you all ready for the the big show tonight!

Jerry: Alright. When do we start?

Michael Song: Right now.

(Michael tosses rolling chairs for each of the competitors to sit in while some jazzy, vocal pop music plays)

Michael Song: (singing) Tonight's the big night for you all. So, let's just get you all ready to sing.

(relaxing Jasmine's shoulders) Make sure to keep those shoulders down and flat.

(breath sprays Jerry) Be sure to keep that voice from fadding ooouut.

And now look at you. Now, let's get you all ready to sing.

(does a little dancing and helps Luna tune her guitar) Make sure your instruments is all tuned.

(Luna smiles and Michael fits Bella in perfect shoes she likes) Be sure to dress perfectly for the big shooow.

And now, look at you. Now, let's get you all ready to siiiinng. Siiiinnng.

Let's get all ready. Your perfectly ready.

Let's get you all ready toooo siiiiinnnnng. (Michael dances a bit and the music ends)

Michael Song: Alright. You all look wonderful. You all look the same and are all ready to sing tonight.

Sam: Hey, Mr. Song, where's your rest room?

Michael Song: Backstage on the left.

(Sam walks to the backstage to the rest room.)

Off-screen Voice: Hello Michael.

(A business man with flat, short, grey hair, a blue suit, and red-lenses sun glasses shows up behind Michael.)

Michael Song: (frowning) Oh, Hello Brady. What brings you here?

Brady Richers: I just want to reminded you that you have till tonight to pay me $10,000 before you would have no choose but to sell the show to me. Okay?

Michael Song: (stern) Yes Brady, I remember. But I'm telling you, this show isn't just about money, it's about showing your talent.

Brady Richers: Which is exactly why you owe me $10,000 to keep your show. But, there's nothing wrong with just giving up and being a loser by giving me your own show.

Michael Song: (angry) Okay, you know what?! I'm gonna have to ask you to leave right now! (point Brady out and Brady leaves)

Luna: Uh, Michael? Who was that?

Michael Song: Brady Richers. You see, I wasn't the only producer of Michigan's Got Talent. Brady and I both produced the show together and we were partners years ago. Until I caught him trying to bribe one of the competitors to sing one of his songs instead of the competitor's.

Jasmine: Whoa! Really? That's so not cool!

Michael Song: So I had him fired and we both went through separate businesses. I host and produce Michigan's Got Talent. And Brady make 'Perfect Deals' for people who wants to be musicians.

Jerry: And did he just said that you own him $10,000?

Michael Song: Yes. The shows been going low ever since there has been other shows where other people can show their talent. You see, I need to earn $10,000 to save my show, otherwise I would have no choice but to sell it to Brady Richers. (smilies) But never mind that. Let's focus on what we're here for.

(After Michael left to the back stage, Sam comes in from back stage.)

Sam: What did I miss?

Luna: Nothing yet. Hey guys, can we all gather around for a minute?

(Luna gathers both Sam, Jasmine, and Jerry into a conversation.)

Luna: Guys. I know we came here just to show our talents, but it seems unfair to see Michael loss his show.

Jasmine: (to the others) Luna's right. We should try to help earn the money he needs to save his show. (thinks) But how?

Jerry: (comes up with something) Hey, I know! What about a telethon? Everybody loves thoose kinds of things. People would totally spare some money to the show if we hosted a telethon.

Luna: (puts her arm around Jerry) Jerry, that's a great idea! We can host a telethon! (to Sam and Jasmine) What do you think guys?

Jasmine: (raises her hand) I'm in! What about you Sam?

Sam: (concern) Well, I guess I'm in too. I just hope this telethon doesn't change us.

Luna: Don't worry babe. What can possibly go wrong by hosting a telethon? (everyone sins Sam runs to Michael) Mr. Song! We have an idea to save your show!

Sam: I guess your right. I mean, what can keep the show from getting the $10,000 this show needs? (walks to the backstage)

(Meanwhile, Brady Richers enters his office with an angry face.)

Brady Richers: Michael Song. (starts singing smoothly) I'll crush him good.

Destroy his life.

Just to get back the show I use to work in and take over it my way.

And I know how to do it. But, I'll have to break a few rules. (looks out a window)

And I'll do it so fowl, dirty, rotten and nasty!

The'll never see iiiit.....coming. (pulls down the window shades)

(Back at the stage...)

Luna: Okay Sam. If we're gonna win the show, we're gonna have to be perfect and rockin'.

Sam: Um, Okay, I guess. So about that second verse. I finally came up with...

Luna: (interrupts Sam) Yeah, you know what? We can just forget about the second verse.

Sam: Oh, Well I just thought...

Michael Song: Okay, Jerry, Your up next!

Jerry: (passes by Luna and Sam) Excuses me ladies. (runs off to the stage)

(Michael plays the pop music Jerry used for his song)

Jerry: (singing) There's a voice inside of me, that wants to be set free.

And it seems to be beautiful when it's coming out of me, cause it always makes me dance all night long.

(dancing) You can't fight it, you can't hide it, and you can't control it.

So you can just say it.

I'm charming, I'm charming, I'm C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G: Charming!

And no one can't resist that. (song ends)

Michael Song: That's was perfect Jerry. Everyone's going to love it!

Jerry: Oh, please. Your too kind Mr. Song. (leaves to the back stage)

Sam: Come on Luna! You should know why we need to have a second verse in our song!

Luna: (angry) Oh what? So you can waste our time preforming it?!

Sam: (angry) I don't like this new you Luna! Your acting like you think this show is about competition!

Luna: (angry) Well, maybe if you don't like it, then maybe we should play SOLO! (leaves)

Sam: (angry) Fine!

(Sam sits down on her rolling chair angry and depress. Then, she notices a letter on her mirror. She grabs it and reads it.)

Sam: (reading the letter) Ms. Sharp, please come over to this place in Room: 301 for a very special deal. Don't be late. Signed: Your very own manager?

(Sam is confuse when the letter says that she has a manager. When Sam thought about it, she thinks she should go. We now see her in a big building in front of Room: 301. When she opens it, we see it's Brady Richers' office.)

Brady Richers: (politely) Oh, Ms. Sharp! Come in. It's so good to see you. (points to a chair) Have a seat.

Sam: (sits down) You know me?

Brady Richers: Of course I know you. Your one of those musicians back in Royal Woods.

Sam: So, I got your letter, and I noticed that it said that I have my own manager.

Brady Richers: Yes Sam. I'm your new manager.

Sam: (shock) You?!

Brady Richers: Yup. Now, I've noticed back at that show, that you and your partner had a fit.

Sam: (sad) Yeah. That show got in to Luna's head.

Brady Richers: Was she your friend?

Sam: She was my girl-friend.

Brady Richers: (lies) Well, that's what happens when it come to competition. The one minute: you kids are a couple. The next minute: your friend takes talent too far and stops being your friend. That's how it really works.

(Sam begins to cry, but Brady comes to her senses.)

Brady Richers: But don't worry. You don't need her Sam. I'm gonna make you your own musician and you won't have to deal with any problems like that.

Sam: Who are you any way?

Brady Richers: (rapping) I'm Brady Richers. Mr. Texas Tea.

People call me 'rich' cos I got my money.

I got more cheddar than some super size nachos.

I Got cash like a pyrimids got more mono.

I use more money then everyone though.

I make the baker bake the cake out of dough.

No, no, don't eat it though, it'll make you ill!

There ain't no sugar in the hundered dollar bill.

Singing Girls: He's Brady Richers.

Brady Richers: Oh yeah!

Singing Girls: Everybody listen.

Brady Richers: Here we go now!

Singing Girls: Just look how great it is to work for him.

Brady Richers: Oh, it's great to work for me. Yeah!

Singing Girls: He's the riches.

Brady Richers: Say it again ladies!

Singing Girls: Yes, he's the riches.

Brady Richers: Ooh, that never gets old!

Singing Girls: Michael Song is wasting his time. Oh can't you see?

Brady Richers: (finishes off) Poor young Michael Song, it's time for him the give up the game. (talks to Sam with his hand out for a hand shake) So, do we have a deal?

(Sam gives it a second to think about. She then takes Brady's hand and shakes it.)

Sam: Deal.

(Meanwhile, back at the Michigan's Got Talent stage...)

Michael Song: Okay, let's have Bella to the stage.

(Bella walks to the stage with a microphone in her hand. Michael plays some soft jam music and Bella starts to sing.)

Bella: (singing) Staaaayyyy away from me you trouble maker.

Nooooo one should ever causes any trouble with me.

So, Stay awaaaayyyyy. (kick over a spot light) Or I will knock you dowwwwwn.

I'm a ride away train. (kick over another spot light)

Don't think I will hit you. Don't think I'll lay down. Don't think I will push you right to the ground.

Noooooo, wow, wow, wow.

I will never reeeeeest. Until your faraway from me.

My fist can put you into a world of paiiiin.

So, staaaayyyy away from meee trouble maker. (song ends and Bella drops the microphone)

Michael Song: (nervous) Um, Okay. Bella, that was good, but maybe we should lay off the kicking over the equipment?

Bella: (sweetly) Okay Mr. Song. (leave to back stage and passes by Luna) (to Luna) Beat that "Solo Girl".

(Luna grumbles in anger and realize that she that she was called "Solo Girl". Then she starts to feel bad.)

Michael Song: (off-screen) And finally, let's have Luna and Sam to the stage!

(Luna walks to the stage depress and Michael notices it.)

Michael Song: (sweetly) Hey Luna, What's the matter? You look blue. (and then notices that Sam's not on stage) And where's Sam?

Luna: (speaks sadly) I'm sorry, Mr. Song. But I'm gonna have to for-fit.

Michael Song: (shock and surprise) What?! Why?! I thought you wanted to show your talent!

Luna: I did. But then I took the competition too far. And now, Sam left. So, I'm gonna have to for-fit. Cause I'm nothing with out Sam. (tears in her eyes) Good-bye.

(Luna leaves sadly and Jasmine and Jerry both try to ask her to come back.)

Jasmine: Oh no, Luna. Wait!

Jerry: Come on. Don't go!

(After Luna left, she walks through the rest of Bay City. Then she spots Sam in a new look. She is  wearing a leather jacket, a black-haired wig, and black high-heel boots.)

Luna: (shock) What the?!... Sam?

Sam: (Stern) Oh, Hello Luna.

Luna: Sam, What are you wearing?!

Sam: The names not 'Sam' anymore. It's SO-LO Queen now.

Luna: (surprise) SO-LO Queen?! Where did you come up with this?!

Sam: (angry) Well, after you said we should work in solo, my new manager, Brady Richers, suggested for me to work for him and gave me a new look, a new name and he writes all of my songs for me to preform.

Luna: (feels bad) Sam, I'm sorry for I said that! Look, you were right. I did took the show as a competition and took it to far. Can you ever forgive me?

Sam: Luna, you hurt me feelings and rejected my second verse to "our" song. I'm sorry Luna, but I can't forgive you. And this is who I am now.

(Sam leaves to the building and Luna has tears in her eyes again after hearing what Sam said. In Room: 301, Sam is in a upset mode and Brady comes in a gives her new songs he wrote.)

Brady Richers: Okay SO-LO Queen, I got some songs for you to preform in the studio. See what you think of them.

(Sam looks through her songs and realize something about them.)

Sam: (to Brady) Uh, Mr. Richers? These songs are all about hating love and not needing friends.

Brady Richers: (points out) Exactly! It's just like what you went through and will alway go through!

Sam: (in a denial shock) Wait, wait, wait! Are you saying I shouldn't have friends or love in real life at all?!

Brady Richers: That's right! If you want to be a rock singer, You've got to live with that kind of life.

(Sam is still in a denial shock.)

Brady Richers: (leaves) Well, let me know when your ready!

Sam: But Mr. Richers, Wait!

(Brady already left. Sam realize the situation she put herself into. She looks out the window and also notices her reflection as she talks to herself.)

Sam: (sadly) Oh, What have I done? I have no friends, no love, and now I have to live with it?! Ooh, What am I going to do now?

(We now see Luna depress, sitting outside of a coffee store with a cup of coffee in her hands.)

Luna: (sadly) Oh, What am I going to do now? I just lost the girl I loved. You really messed it up "Big" time Luna.

(Luna takes a sip of her coffee, and then Jasmine comes in front on Luna.)

Jasmine: Hey Luna.

Luna: Oh, hey Jasmine.

Jasmine: (points at the chair next to Luna) Is this seat taken?

Luna: It's all yours bra.

(Jasmine takes the seat and starts a conversation with Luna.)

Jasmine: Look Luna, I understand that you miss Sam and you want her back.

Luna: Of course I want her back, but it's no use. Cause she doesn't to come back to me. Now she works for Brady Richers and she changed her looks and name. I-I want her back. (starts to cry)

Jasmine: (sweetly) Oh no, no, no, no. Luna, don't cry. I know you two will come together again. Because, I believe in you two.

Luna: How do you even know we'll be together again anyway?

Jasmine: Because I to made the same mistake you did.

Luna: (shock) Really?

Jasmine: Yeah. You see, I thought I almost lost my girl-friend because I took my first talent show too far. But then I realized that I've been doing that and almost lost her. So, I knew I had to make it up to her.

Luna: Wow. But, how did you do that?

Jasmine: Well, why don't I just show you instead.

(It went all dark. Some pop music is playing in the background. Luna looks around and sees only darkness and picture frames of Jasmine singing.)

Jasmine: (singing) There's always gonna be something making you feel bad. (Luna starts to look down) Don't look down. You know that makes it worst.

Ooooooh. And there's always gonna be something messing with your head, (Jasmine then shows up behind Luna) hurting you on the inside.

Soooooo, don't you let it fight through you. And put aside the shame and then, remember who you really care about and then,

(Jasmine grabs Luna's hand and dances with her) show her how you feel. Show her how you care. Show her how badly you miss her. (stops dancing)

Open up your heart. Give all your care. Let her know that she will always be

(Some light surrounds both Luna and Jasmine.)

inside your heart. Inside your heart. Inside you heart.

(Luna suddenly smiles and sings along.)

Luna: (singing) There's always gonna be something saying that your useless.

Jasmine: Let it talk. You know your stronger.

Both: Oooooh.

Luna: Your brain is always gonna say that your always wrong.

Jasmine: But you heart will always know what's right.

Both: Oooooh.

Jasmine: Don't you let your head take control.

Luna: Doesn't matter what it says. (both) What matters really is what's inside of you.

Show her how you feel. Show her how you care. Show her how badly you miss her.

Open up your heart. Give her all your care. Tell her that she will always be

(the light becomes brighter.)

inside your heart. Inside your heart. Yeah.

Luna: You showed me what's true. Ooooh, heeey. You showed me what I should really doooooo.

(Luna looks through a mirror and sees Jasmine as her reflection.)

I should show her how I feel.

Jasmine: Show her how you care. (both) Show her how badly you (Luna: I) miss her.

(Jasmine and Luna starts to spin around in the light.)

Both: Open up your heart. Give her all your care. Tell her that she will, yeah she will, she will always beeeee

(The light starts to turn into stars and shoots up in the sky.)

Inside your heart. Inside your heart. Inside your heart. Inside your Heart!

(The song ends and Jasmine and Luna gives each other a hug.)

Luna: Thank you Jasmine. Now I know how to make it up to Sam. Quick! Go tell Michael that Me and Sam will be coming back to the show and we'll be there soon!

Jasmine: You got it!

(Jasmine runs to the stage and Luna runs back to the building and arrives at Room: 301. But, before she could open the door...)

Brady Richers: (stern with his hand on her right shoulder) What do you think your doing here?!

Luna: (nervous) Oh, uh, I just came here to talk to Sam and tell her something important.

Brady Richers: (angry) SO-LO Queen is not seeing any visitors! Now, how about you go on out of here, and never comeback here! Understand?!

Luna: (nervous) But I...

(Brady just throws Luna out of the building head first. Then she doesn't know what to do now. She just leaves to the show. Then, we see Sam looking down in the window and sees Luna walking away looking sad. Meanwhile, back at Michigan's Got Talent, the sun is about to set and it's almost show time.)

Michael Song: (with a clipboard) Okay, and then after Jasmine will be Bella. And then, we'll finally count the votes...

Jasmine: (interrupts Michael) Mr. Song! Great news! Luna and Sam are coming back to the show!

Michael Song: (happily shocked) Really? That's great!

Jerry: (sees Luna and points to her) Look! There she is!

(Luna came back to the stage with a sad face.)

Michael Song: (happily) Luna Loud! Welcome back! And just in time before sun set!

Jasmine: (concern) Wait, Luna, Why do you look sad again?

Jerry: (wondering) And where's Sam?

Luna: (sadly) Sorry guys. But Mr. Richers won't let me take her back.

Michael Song: (angry) Brady took one of my talent stars?! That's it! He's going down big time!

Jerry: (feels bad) Oh, Luna, I'm so sorry about that. 

Jasmine: Yeah, me too. You must be feeling upset.

Luna: (looking down) Yeah. But the saddest thing is that I've never got a chance to show her how I feel or even listen to her second verse to that song.

Off-screen voice: Do you mean "our" song?

(Luna suddenly turns around and sees Sam walking to the stage, in her normal clothes, with her guitar case on her back.)

Luna: (happy and holds her arms out) Sam! (runs to her and hugs her) You've came back!

Sam: (hugs Luna back while smiling) Of course I did. I miss my girl.

Jerry: (smiling) It's good to have you both back together again.

Luna: Thanks Jerry. (just suddenly realize) But wait! (to Sam) Doesn't Brady know that you quit?

Sam: No, he doesn't. When I first did, he wouldn't allow it.

Michael Song: Ooh, so you broke out, huh? Clever girl.

Luna: Well, what matters is that I have to tell you Sam. (sweetly) I'm really sorry for arguing with you and refusing your idea for our song's second verse without even looking at it. What matters to me now is you. And I would really love it if you come back to the band.

Sam: (sweetly) Thanks Luna. And I'm sorry for working for Brady and not excepting your apology. The truth is I forgive you Luna. And I'll always will.

(Luna and Sam then gives each other another hug and Jerry has tears in his eyes.)

Jerry: (trying to hold in his crying) I'm sorry. But this is so beautiful.

Michael Song: (calling out) Alright, everyone! Better get back to practicing before show time starts!

(Everyone walks to their studios and Luna and Sam walks together.)

Luna: So, how does the second verse work?

Sam: (excited) Oh, you'll love it! You see, you start this sentence....

(We now see the sky with a sun-setting color. Then, we now see the night has come and we look back on the water stage of Michigan's Got Talent. The Loud's back home are watching the show on TV. A big audience on the docks and boats cheers for Michael Song after he comes out of behind the curtains.)

Michael Song: (to the audience with a microphone) Hello Bay City, Michigan! Welcome back to Michigan's Got Talent! (audience cheered and clapped) Tonight, we have a very special show for you all. But instead, this show will be a telethon so we can earn $10,000 to save our show. We have 4 talented singers from difference cities of our beautiful state. Who ever has the most votes wins and becomes The Talent artist of the year. (audience cheers out loud) In order for you to give vote and pledge your money to the show, please give us calls from the audience to the show. Operators are standing by. Now let's begin! Our first contestant came all this way from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Give it up for that talented boy: Jerry!

(The audience cheers for Jerry and the music starts to play.)

Jerry: (singing) There's a voice inside of me, that want to be free.

(Meanwhile, Luna and Sam are practicing for their song. Michael then comes in.)

Michael Song: (happy) Hey girls, are you almost ready? You two are last to preform, but I just wanted to make sure your both ready.

Luna: Yes, we're almost ready Mr. Song.

Michael Song: (holds out two thumbs) Great! Well, I better introduce the next contestant. (runs off)

Jerry: (finishing his song) I'm C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G: Charming!

And no can resist that!

(The Song ends and Jerry gets a big applause from the audience. Jerry takes a bow and Michael comes in.)

Michael Song: (to the audience) Wasn't he great out there? And we've just received $1,000 to save the show. (Jerry then leaves to the back stage) Our next contestant hails from the great city of Detroit. Please give a heart warming welcome to Jasmine!

(The audience cheers for Jasmine and she preforms her song.)

Jasmine: (singing) There's always gonna be something making you feel bad. Don't look down. You know that makes it worst. Oooooh.

(Meanwhile, back at the building in Room: 301, Brady goes out to check see if Michigan's Got Talent is still low on money, so he can take it out of Michael's hand.)

Brady Richers: (shouts out) Hey SO-LO Queen, I'll be right back! Be sure to keep on preforming those song when I come back!

(Brady didn't bother to check to see that Sam isn't there or hear her respond to him. Meanwhile, Jasmine gets to the final part of the song.)

Jasmine: (singing) Inside your heart. Inside your heart. Inside your heart. Inside your heart!

(The audience gives Jasmine a really big applause and the money score board just got higher from receiving $3,000. The board now says that they have $4,000. Michael comes in.)

Michael Song: (to the audience) Wow! Look at that score board, huh? Let's give it up for Jasmine!

(Jasmine takes a bow and leaves to the back stage.)

Michael Song: And now for our next contestant. She maybe young, but you don't want to mess with her. All the way from Traverse City, Michigan, please welcome Bella!

(The audience cheers for Bella and she starts singing.)

Bella: (singing) Staaaayyy away from me you trouble maker.

Noooooooo one should ever cause any trouble with me.

(Backstage, we see Brady Richers coming out of a life boat, walking up on the stage and walks to Michael.)

Brady Richers: (to Michael) So, $4,000, huh? Only $6,000 left and the show will still be your. But I dout that you'll make it.

Michael Song: (to Brady while frowning) Yeah, we'll see about that, Richers.

(Meanwhile, Bella finishes her song.)

Bella: Staaaaayyyyy away from meee trouble maker. (song ends)

(The audience gives Bella a very big applause then Bella takes a bow and the money score board says they have $6,000.)

Michael Song: (to the audience) Thank you Bella! (Bella then leaves to the back stage) Only $4,000 left, and Michigan's Got Talent will still be ours. And now, for our final contestants are two love birds in a rock n' roll band who came all the way from Royal Woods, Michigan.

(Back at the Loud House...)

Lynn Jr.: (punches Lincoln in the shoulder) Whoooa! It's Luna and Sam!

Lincoln: (holds his shoulder) Ow! (countinues to cheer) Go Luna!

(Back at the show...)

Michael Song: Please give a loud and sharp welcome to Luna Loud and Sam Sharp!

(The audience cheers for Luna and Sam. Then, Brady just realize he heard Sam's name.)

Brady Richers: Wait a minute.... (angry) What?!

(Luna and Sam are shredding their guitars and are about to sing.)

Luna: (singing) This is our life. This is our time. And there is no one who will take it from us.

Sam: (singing) Through the fire, and through the ice, I know that there is no trouble we can cause.

Luna and Sam: (singing) Cause we love each other, and nothing or no one will break that up.

(Brady shakes his fist in anger. And the audience, the contestants (including Bella), and Michael are loving it and Luna's family cheers for her and Sam at home.)

Luna and Sam: We are proud to loud together! Yes, we are proud to be loud together!

Luna: I have you!

Sam: And I have you!

Both: We both have each other and we're proud to be loud together!

Brady Richers: (angry) Sam Sharp, you are breaking all the rule of our deal!

Sam: Well then, I guess the deal is off now. Ha!

(Luna and Sam continues to rock out. Brady walks off to the back stage to try to stop them. On the stage, Jerry and Jasmine takes notice of this.)

Luna: Like a freight train, and like a lightning storm, we both can sing louder when we're together.

(During the second verse, Brady sees a big sand bag above Luna and Sam and attempts to cut it so it can hit them. Seeing this, Jerry and Jasmine nodes to each other and runs to back stage.)

Sam: Like the Jonas', and like the Jackson's, we make a perfect team of rock n' roll together.

Luna and Sam: Cause we love each other, and nothing or no one can break us apart!

(During this part of the second verse, before Brady could cut down the sand bag on Luna and Sam, Jasmine glues a giant fire rocket to his back and Jerry lights the fuse.)

Jerry: (to Brady) Have a nice flight! (run off quick)

Brady Richers: No, no, no, no, no, no, Noooooooooo!

(Before Brady couldn't take off the rocket, the rocket blasts off in to the sky, Brady starts to scream and the rocket explodes and the audience goes crazy, not hearing Brady screaming while plummeting down to the Bay.)

Luna and Sam: We are proud to be loud together! Yes, we are proud to be loud together!

Luna: (to Sam) I have you!

Sam: (to Luna) And I have you!

Luna and Sam: We both have each other and we're proud to be loud together! We're proud to be loud together! We're proud to be loud to-ge-therrrrrr! (Shreds their guitars one last time) Rock out people!

(The audience throws a huge applause to Luan and Sam. After the song, Luna and Sam looks and smiles at each other. Then, they slowly lean their faces towards each other and kiss each other on the lips. This made the audience go wilder with cheers and gives ¨Awww¨s. Brady then quickly escapes the Bay, but has a big crack on one of his red sunglasses lens and a lot of burned rips on his blue suit. After Brady finally makes to the stage, he see that the show finally made $10,000.)

Brady Richers: No. No! Nooooooo!

Michael Song: (to the audience) Ladies and gentlemen, we have not just only earn $10,000, but we have just witness the love of two rock stars! We're gonna take a 5 minute break to count the votes and see who wins and becomes Talent artist of the year.

(Luna and Sam leaves to the back stage and Jasmine, Jerry and Bella comes to Luna and Sam to congratulate them.)

Jasmine: Wait ago you two!

Jerry: We've really loved what you've done out there!

Bella: I can't believe I'm about to say this. But, (holds out her hand) Congrats to you two if you win.

Luna: (shaking Bella's hand) Thank you Bella.

(Before Sam could shake Bella's hand, Brady comes in with an angry face.)

Brady Richers: (points at Luna and Sam) You! You've ruined everything!!! YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!!

(Brady screams in anger and charges at Luna and Sam and they both hold each other in fear. Before Brady could even attack them, Jerry swings a big sand bag at Brady and he get's stuck swinging on it and starts screaming. Then, he stop swinging and got all tangled up in rope.)

Luna: Wait ago Jerry! Quick thinking!

Brady Richers: (angry and trys to break free) Put me down, you brats!

Sam: (thinking) So, what should we do with him? (to the competitors and Luna) Any suggestions?

Jerry off-screen: Hit him like a pinata!

Jasmine off-screen: Shave all his hair off!

Luna off-screen: Give him a major wedgie!

(Brady looks terrified after hearing all those suggestions.)

Brady Richers: (nervous) No, Please! I know I'm not entirely a good guy, (makes a nervous smile) but I deserve a second chance.

(Luna, Sam, Jerry and Jasmine are still thinking about what to do with him. Because what he did can not go unpunished.)

Brady Richers: (begging) Come on! Look into your heart. Look into you heart!

(The others still couldn't think of anything, until...)

Bella off-screen: Um, I have an idea.

(Everyone looks at Bella and two police officers.)

Bella: (lies) That's him officers! (points at Brady) That's the man who set off that giant, illegal fire rocket!

Police Officer 1: (walks to Brady and pulls out cuffs) Is that right? (to Brady) Well, your gonna have to come with us pal.

Brady Richers: (shock) What?! No, no, no, no, no! Don't listen to her!

(The police came to Brady and put the cuffs on him. Then Jerry walks to Jasmine.

Jerry: (whispers to Jasmine) You didn't tell me that fire rocket was illegal.

Jasmine: (whispers to Jerry) But I didn't know it was illegal.

Jerry: (cool) Oh, Okay. Fair enough.

(The Police Officers walks Brady off the stage to the police boat.)

Police Officer 2: (to Brady) You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law!

(The police took Brady away and Michael just shows up.)

Michael Song: Guys, come on. It time to announce the winner.

(Luna, Sam, Jerry, Jasmine, and Bella runs up to the stage and takes a bow to the audience.)

Michael Song: (to the audience) And the winner of Michigan's Got Talent is.....

(We hear a drum roll and the Louds closes into the TV to hear the winner.)

Michael Song: Luna Loud and Sam Sharp!

(The audience cheers out loud after hearing the winner and the Louds celebrates for Luna and Sam. Luna and Sam both hugs each other. Then Jerry, Jasmine and Bella both gathers around Luna and Sam in a group hug. Then, Michael gives Luna and Sam each an award.)

Michael Song: (happily) Congratulations you two. You've both became Talent artists of the year!

Luna: Thank you Mr. Song. It was an honor being here. 

Sam: (comes up with an idea) Hey, I got an idea! Let's take a picture of this moment!

Luna: (holds out a camera) Good idea. (hands the camera to Michael) Michael, would you do the honors of taking the picture?

Michael Song: (takes the camera) Of course. (to the competitors) Okay everyone, gather around!

(Luna puts her right arm around Sam. Sam puts her left arm around Luna. Jerry puts his right hand on Luna's left shoulder. Jasmine goes behind and between Luna and Sam. And Bella came in next to Sam on the right.)

Michael Song: Smile everyone!

(Everyone smiles, and Michael takes the picture. Then, we see Luna and Sam on the ride home with one of their arms on their shoulders.)

Luna: (happy) Best day ever.

Sam: Which part of it?

Luna: Singing with you.

Sam: (Smiles) Same with me.

Luna: (looks at Sam) I love you Sam.

Sam: (looks at Luna) I love you too Luna.

(They both kiss each other again. Then, the taxi passes by a sign that says "Welcome to Royal Woods".)



Tex Hammond - Lincoln Loud

Catherine Taber - Lori Loud

Liliana Mumy - Leni Loud

Nika Futterman - Luna Loud

Cristina Pucelli - Luan Loud

Jessica DiCicco - Lynn Loud, Lucy Loud

Grey Griffin - Lana Loud, Lola Loud, Lily Loud

Lara Jill Miller - Lisa Loud

Jill Talley - Rita Loud

Brian Stepanek - Lynn Loud Sr.

Alyson Stoner - Sam Sharp

Seth MacFarlane - Michael Song

Chris Cooper - Brady Richers

Nick Jonas - Jerry

Janelle Monáe - Jasmine

Ariel Winter - Bella

Jeff Bennett - Taxi driver